Jim Platzer

Motivational Speaker - Blind Pilot


Jim’s business is helping others. His product is emotional innovation that will leverage your organization’s greatest tactical asset —relationships and perspective.

Jim Platzer is a former President of a distribution facility for a Fortune 500 company forced to an early retirement due to retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative condition that leads to blindness. After a challenging transition, Jim found Leader Dogs for the Blind, who matched him with a dog and trained them both to see the world in an entirely new way leading to a renewed sense of purpose.

Today, Jim is a keynote motivational speaker. His message? Your most important sense is your sense of purpose.

At his engagements, Jim transports you to the world he experiences each day. Through his true story and everyday experiences, Jim conveys a message of self-empowerment and hopes that will change how you communicate inside and outside your organization.

Jim has built an impressive reputation in the business field as a sought after motivational speaker through his engagements with Audi, Lincoln, Purina, The Cheesecake Factory and others. His story is relatable and will invite you to exceed expectations and live your life with a driven perspective.



"Jim, I'm so inspired by you."
Ashton Kutcher

"A Plus really feels that your work is very much in line with our brand of inspiration, motivation and dreaming big. When we found your story on FoxNews.com I just thought, WOW!."
—A Plus, an Ashton Kutcher company

“I walked away with a new found perspective and sensory perception thanks to you. I was able to immediately apply several elements of this education within my work and personal environment alike. Just priceless!”
—Daniel Dellamarine, Springfield Ford Lincoln

“Jim changed the way we looked at our business. He inspired management, and in turn, he helped us to inspire the change we needed within our culture. For any organization hoping to do the same, Jim is a must see.”
—Jeri Ward, Executive VP Chief Communications Officer, Audi of America

“Jim’s talk palpably woke the entire audience up. Speaking personally it moved me greatly and encouraged me to keep a firm grip on what really matters. It was like a reset button. What I was reminded of above all is that while we cannot control events, we can control our reactions to them. And that adversity can result in extraordinary triumph.”
—Lucy Farey-Jones, Partner, Director of Brand Strategy, Venables Bell & Partners

“Captivating” & “Inspiring” are the words that comes to mind the most! “Limitless”—Jim gets you to think beyond boundaries, especially those self-imposed. Jim captivated our entire team by his every word. What an experience to share in Jim’s journey; he exemplifies what is incredible about the human spirit.
—Christine Geissler, Vice President, Human Resources, Nestle Purina Petcare Co

“ The whole team was so excited to hear you speak—you truly touched them!”
—Chuck Wensing, Vice President, The Cheesecake Factory

"Jim’s presentation to our staff was nothing short of spellbinding, he was able to totally captivate them. His motivating messages had an immediate impact and the results are evident even in a sales team, already known for being best in class, being pushed to even higher levels of performance."
Chuck Surack, Founder and Owner, Sweetwater Sound

"It was an honor to have Jim as our closing keynote for our Great Lakes Therapy Conference. His presentation on adapting and nurturing success was perfect for our students; many identified his presentation as a highlight of the conference. Jim is personable, funny, engaging and very thought provoking. His perspectives on life are exciting, motivational and empowering."
—Jared Alsop, Indiana University, School of Public Health, M.S., CTRS, Lecturer



Adapt or Fail
Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Jim Platzer’s emotional and strong words will take you through familiar scenarios in which change is encouraged to achieve your everyday goals.

Nurture Success
Jim’s story will help you to appreciate each day, which we all sometimes take for granted. His audience leaves with a new outlook on their life and career. His story will inspire you to do more each day and to reach our full potential at the office and beyond.

Effective Communication
It’s not just about listening, it’s important to stay in the moment, be sincere and truly listen.






"Finding purpose, embracing change and adapting to achieve sustainable success has changed my life forever.”

Life is not linear. Just when you think you arrived at success, someone or something changes the rules.

“Our lives change, business changes, technology evolves and we are constantly challenged to stay ahead of the curve. The more we can stay ahead of the curve, the more sustainable our
success becomes.”

Set almost unattainable goals for yourself and go after them. Be passionate and tap into all of your resources. If you can't get there one way, find another path to follow. Be innovative in your approach to life. We are all capable of doing far more than we ever imagined!

"Live a life of exceeding expectations, innovating and defining your own destiny."

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